Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Welcomes to Ron's Miscellany

Here, I talk about anything that comes to mind not slenderrelated. I'm going to try to use this other blog to keep myself centered and sane. Not sure how often I'll update, though. Expect random thing to crop up.

I don't really like fish that much. I could never stand the texture, myself. And don't even get me talking about sushi. xP

Damn, I miss Dungeons and Dragons, and getting together with my friends. I had a bard character. Spoony. Spoony the Bard. I got him off of Final Fantasy IV, named for the useless player character Princes Edward. His weapon of choice was a harp and his magic did things like status ailments...in a game where status ailments rarely, if ever, did any good. He was just there to take up space, anyway. I do like how in more recent remakes they've given Edward some uses, though. In the Gameboy Advance remake, he's able to heal the entire party and can deal damage to all enemies. I recall a webcomic where they had two of the others character gasping: "My God, he has a use!"

Next time, slenderbloggers.

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