Thursday, February 24, 2011

Does Little Kuriboh know he's playing with fire?

Granted, he's a very well-known (by internet standards) individual that might bring in the unwanted kind of attention if anything ever happens to him, but due to his being fan of Marble Hornets and Everyman Hybrid how long does he think he can keep up entrenching himself here before something goes horribly wrong and he ends up infecting everyone on "That Guy With the"?

I know I said I wouldn't include stuff pertaining to Him here, but this topic is more about the morons who think this is all just a game when it is not. If any parties involved who think this is all fake are reading, this: cease and desist and turn back now before He becomes aware of you. It's all good fun and games until someone ends up in a tree with their intestines bagged and hanging somewhere nearby.

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