Thursday, February 24, 2011

You know...

....Living like this, always on the brink of chaos. It really puts the world into perspective. Internet flame wars rage over whether Cloud's English or Japanese voice is better, but knowing you may only have a few hours to live until the Beast outside comes to nab you in the night really makes it clear that all fuss over trivial matters like the mentioned are really silly. Hell, what I wouldn't give to be arguing over whether Kingdom Hearts is only for kids or not (it isn't. Seriously, give them a whirl) with Elijah right now. He was of the "X-Box" mindset, if you will. I remember the time he stole the enemy's Warthog while one of their other team's guys was still manning the gun in the back. He got the idea off of VGCats, and it worked, hilariously.

Then there's Stephanie. Our group nanny and mama hen. Why did I ever show her Marble Hornets? I knew she didn't like scary stuff, and we could have just watched the Nostalgia Critic tear Surf Ninjas a new one like she wanted (GENIUS!), but no... I just had to show her the very thing that... I'll never forget it. Damn it, I miss her.

And where the hell is Jared. He was just supposed to sit back and report that I never came back I didn't. Instead I just disappeared and didn't tell you guys about it. Now Pete's manning his blog. Yeah, Seek and Reveal was to be Jared's blog. I know Pete isn't an amnesiac because in email I asked him to describe himself to me. He's blonde instead of darked haired, which was Jared was. Is Pete ending up being the current owner of Jared's blog just their way of mocking me? Damn them.

Drew. Ah, damn it! Why didn't I argue more firmly? Or maybe if I'd gone home with him... No.

I hope Julie never found these blogs. I hope she doesn't know I'm alive.

I am Ron Foster. I was born and raised in West Burlington, Iowa. I graduated from Western with a degree in philosophy and literature minor. I like Nintendo games, music most dudes don't admit exists, Dungeons and Dragons, reading, and owning lamers on Red vs. Blue. My favorite food is Chinese. I had a beautiful girlfriend. I was going to marry her. I still have the damn ring. I was forced to Run before I could pop the question. I don't know how I was able to keep her from becoming Infected, but I did. I know because she sent me a "Dear John" email two days ago. I'm hoping it was a shot in the dark on her part.

Hunny, if you're reading this: stop. Now.  I am not playing a game here. This is real. I know that the thought of an impossibly tall and thin creature from another world that gets confused by masks and elevation is a tad hard to accept if you've never seen it face-to-no-face (which I have, many times), but you have to believe me now. Stop reading this if you're not infected. Before it's too late. Just stop.

...I hope you'll be happy with Colin. Have a long, happy and construct-less life.

In all honesty, I don't know how long I'm going to last. I survived exactly a month last time on these blogs. What next? Will my time be up by the 15th of March?

Oh, heck. I'll take this time, anyway. THIS MORNING! I DINE! ACROSS THE STREET AT THE BISTRO! THIS! IS! FOR! EMPHASIS! Battered cheesesticks! Huge burgers the size of two McDonald's Doubles all in one! And pumpkin pie! I'm hungry! Peace out, homies! But first... I'm listening to OUR song (I'm A Believer) while I level grind on a free MMO!

In other news...

...I'm really enjoying this new "Hub" channel. I'm digging the "G.I. Joe Renegades" series. It's G.I.+The A-Team+The good bits of G.I. Movie+The Order of Funny Hats. The characters are fleshed out, the plot is well-balanced, the animaton is so-so (don't you just miss the old days back when animators still had to know how to draw a human?), and the voice work is pretty damn good. Not sure how to feel about the casting choice of Dash X as Duke, but he might grow more into it.
I don't think Cobra has ever been this sinister before, though. He's HUGE improvement over the days of being voiced by Chris Latta, with his Starscream voice. Liking the Kurgan voiced Destro, too.

Really, even though it is a cartoon, you should really give it go.


Does Little Kuriboh know he's playing with fire?

Granted, he's a very well-known (by internet standards) individual that might bring in the unwanted kind of attention if anything ever happens to him, but due to his being fan of Marble Hornets and Everyman Hybrid how long does he think he can keep up entrenching himself here before something goes horribly wrong and he ends up infecting everyone on "That Guy With the"?

I know I said I wouldn't include stuff pertaining to Him here, but this topic is more about the morons who think this is all just a game when it is not. If any parties involved who think this is all fake are reading, this: cease and desist and turn back now before He becomes aware of you. It's all good fun and games until someone ends up in a tree with their intestines bagged and hanging somewhere nearby.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Welcomes to Ron's Miscellany

Here, I talk about anything that comes to mind not slenderrelated. I'm going to try to use this other blog to keep myself centered and sane. Not sure how often I'll update, though. Expect random thing to crop up.

I don't really like fish that much. I could never stand the texture, myself. And don't even get me talking about sushi. xP

Damn, I miss Dungeons and Dragons, and getting together with my friends. I had a bard character. Spoony. Spoony the Bard. I got him off of Final Fantasy IV, named for the useless player character Princes Edward. His weapon of choice was a harp and his magic did things like status a game where status ailments rarely, if ever, did any good. He was just there to take up space, anyway. I do like how in more recent remakes they've given Edward some uses, though. In the Gameboy Advance remake, he's able to heal the entire party and can deal damage to all enemies. I recall a webcomic where they had two of the others character gasping: "My God, he has a use!"

Next time, slenderbloggers.