Monday, May 14, 2012

Fan Hating and Why It's Stupid

"To some people, there is only one thing worse than anything they consider horrible — people liking it.
In a nutshell, a Fan Hater is someone in a Hatedom, who hates not only the work, but also the fans of that work." -TVTropes, Fan Hater article.

I hate this mentality. It's rude, time wasting (not in a good way, either), wasteful, stupid, needlessly judgmental, close-minded, and insane.

1. It is none of your business what works of fiction someone else likes.
2. They are not stupid for liking something that you, personally, hate. Everyone has their reasons for liking or disliking something, and you just have to deal with it as long as they're also minding their own business.
3. Personal taste is fiction IS NOT and WILL NEVER be a measuring stick for intelligence or common sense. Sure, I might think that James Cameron's Avatar is a preachy, expensive Dances With Wolves knock-off with a nonsensical videogame-like setting and bullshit philosophy, but those are just my personal feelings. If you like it, I'm not going to judge, because it's not my place to.
4. Your opinions ARE NOT FACT or any more or less valid than someone else's.
5. Just because they like it does not invalidate your opinion, so you don't have to feel threatened by differing opinions.

You are not stupid for liking Disney. You are not stupid for liking any Final Fantasy game. You are not stupid for liking Nintendo. You are not stupid for liking Eragon. You are not stupid for liking Harry Potter. You are not stupid for liking Tolkien. You are not stupid for liking The Irate Gamer. You are not stupid for liking Michael Bay movies. You are not stupid for liking Tron Legacy. You are not stupid for liking My little Pony. You are not stupid for liking Star Next Generation over the original. The only person who is patently stupid here is the jerkass calling everyone names for their differing, oh...excuse me, "misguided", opinions.

Just how arrogant does someone have to be to immaturely look on someone else and see a sub-human mongoloid for preferring Mario to Mass Effect? Listen, with all the other problems our world has, the last thing we need is a bunch of basement-dwelling self-entitled cretins picking internet fights over whether Nintendid or didn't. So if you have a problem with that bloke over there who just put Kingdom Hearts II into his console: save it. I assure you, no one wants to hear it, and no one cares what you think once you've started throwing the words "noob", "moron", "scrub", or suggested that anyone who likes Final Fantasy X needs to torn apart with a box cutter. Don't try to tell me how I should be having fun with MY time and probably MY money!
Oh, and those consoles or PC and their games you take as serious business: glorified toys!

My point: mind your own damn business, and I'll mind mine. You and your opinions are not better than me or mine, or anyone else's. Good day, and goodbye.           

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